Multi Save lets you create and switch between multiple save points in a playthrough by making auto-saves or saving the current day manually using a hotkey.

By default, the mod creates an auto-save of the previous day every night before making the new save, so you can revert back to the previous day at any time. It keeps saves from the past seven in-game days, deleting older saves every morning, so you can always roll back to any of the past seven days.

You can switch to have the mod save every week and/or month, change the maximum age of saves, and set a hotkey to manually save the current day instead using the config.

To load a different save point, access the game's Load menu and click on the quill and ink pot icon in the bottom left of the save slot. This will bring up a list of alternative save points that you can switch to or delete.

Switching to a different save point makes it the new default save point shown on the main load list, moving the old default save point to the list of alternatives.


If you have any questions, feedback or want to report a bug, please post a comment on the mod page.


My version is compatible with old savefiles made by aedenthorn's version. If you update from his version, mine will detect the folder structure and fix it if necessary.
Important: If you are updating from an older version and using SaveBackup, please make sure you clear the folder contents of save-backups inside the Stardew Valley folder before updating.

Save files are stored in a subfolder of the playthrough's save folder, with the format MultiSave_<year>_<season>_<day>. If a folder already exists with that name it will create a new folder with _1 added to the end (or _2, etc.). This means you can have multiple save points with the same in-game date, if for example you roll back to an earlier save point and then start playing through from there without deleting the existing save points of later dates.

Saves are based on the start of the current day, so anything you did during the day will not be included in the save file - Stardew Valley saves are by necessity always at the start of the day.

The mod creates a temporary backup of the entire save folder at (save folder name)_tmp before attempting to switch save points, so if something goes wrong you can replace the corrupted save folder with the _tmp folder in AppData/Roaming/StardewValley/Saves.


You can customize this mod by editing the config file or using Generic Mod Config Menu.


- Requires SMAPI.
- Implements a Generic Mod Config Menu interface to change config settings in-game.
- Compatible with Mod Updater for automatic updates.