Create your own Floral Shop, Restaurant, Fish Market, and more.
Display your cooking and farming, and expect lots of customers browsing, making purchases,
or simply delighting in your exquisite decorations.

Main Features:

  • Home cafeteria: Transform your Farm Building into a store and visitors will start frequenting your charming cafeteria.
  • Open your store: Set up your store anywhere and sell your best items to villagers.
  • Villager visitor: Invite villager to visit your house on the next day!!! Children may ask to play on your farm too!
  • Customer Interactions: Interact more with customers, which will give a boost to the business.
  • Helpful Friend: Villagers can help with some questions. Stand next to them and type 'help'.
  • Rush Hours: More chance of customers and higher tips, but slightly lower sale prices during Rush Hours.
  • Intelligence villagers: Villagers will rate your dish and your decoration style. If they love it, they may recommend your store to other villagers. However, if they hated it, you will be criticized also.
  • Clothes Store: Added a mannequin that you can show and sell your outfit!!
  • Featured Dishes: Dish of the Week and Dish of the Day!!!

Setting up your first outdoor Store

  • Find yourself a good location. More people passing by means more chance of having a customer.
  • Place down a table. Remember to add some decoration around as well. Don't be a boring store.
  • Place any item on the table.
  • And that's all you need to open up your own brand. Oh! Look like Lewis is taking a break and running to our store.

Set up a Museum, a Restaurant, or a Store

  • Meet the requirement to obtain a License: Check out Market Town welcome letter for detail
  • Build a Building
  • Visit Desert Trader to get Market License, Saloon for Restaurant License, or Adventurer's Guide for Museum License
  • Place a Sign inside the Building, then put the License on that. 

How to invite your first Friend

  • Talk to villagers. After daily conversation, you will see a pop-up where you can invite them.
  • Or using the chatbox: Stand close by them and type in your message. The invitation must include the keyword "invite".