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This mod adds a some new tile properties that mod authors can use to add little bits of polish to their maps.

This does nothing without content packs for it.

Closeup Interactions
This group of tile properties allows you to specify that when a user interacts with a tile on the map, an image will pop up, with an optional description underneath.

There's also the possibility to specify multiple images and descriptions that the player can flip through, and to specify a sound to be played when this is done.

Setting Mail Flags
This tile property will, quite simply, set the specified mail flag when the player interacts with it.

Fake NPC
This tile property will spawn a fake NPC on the specified tile. This NPC will breathe like a normal NPC, face you like a normal NPC, and can be talked to like a normal NPC. It cannot receive gifts, has no schedule, and requires incredibly minimal setup.

You can now specify a custom sprite size for your fake NPC.

When this tile property is added to a tile, a custom, specified letter/mail will open when the player interacts with it. You can also specify one of the vanilla letter backgrounds to use, or a custom letter background image.

And much, much more to come in future! If you're a mod author and have requests, feel free to send them my way, and I'll see if I think I can do them well enough to add!

Importantly, if you decide to use MEEP, I'd love to hear about it!

If you're a mod author interested in making use of this framework, you can find the documentation here. If you have any issues, feel free to ping me (DecidedlyHuman) in #making-mods on the Stardew Valley Discord server.

I'll investigate Android support as soon as SMAPI on Android is in a decently stable place. fcb211a0-1075-4ae3-ac0d-759577328de3

There's a known issue with fake NPCs inside Solid Foundations buildings, where the building will vanish when you go to sleep. This will be fixed in the next update!

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