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15.1K Downloads Updated Oct 22, 2018 Created Oct 21, 2018

Temporarily Boost Your Fishing Skills

7K Downloads Updated Aug 2, 2018 Created Aug 2, 2018

Name/Rename placed chests, and view their name on mouseover.

7K Downloads Updated Dec 27, 2018 Created Jul 10, 2018

A game of chance and skill.... Well mainly chance

2.8K Downloads Updated Jan 3, 2021 Created Jul 11, 2018

Makes it easy to quickly trash 'Trash' quality items without opening the inventory!

140 Downloads Updated Feb 13, 2021 Created Feb 13, 2021

Makes the Copper Pan upgradable all the way to iridium quality!

69 Downloads Updated Feb 15, 2021 Created Feb 15, 2021

Allows you to display weapons on tables. Get that collection started!