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JojaOnline is a mod for Stardew Valley that adds a new "online" shop. This mod also adds a custom furniture labelled "computer", which allows access to the new store.

The JojaOnline shop has access to all of JojaMart's items (regardless if your local JojaMart has been terminated). The shops both share the same prices, including the price change if you purchased a JojaMart membership.

Additionally, JojaOnline has some extra items in stock from other local stores (such as wood, stone and fertilizers). The shop has also stocked some items not purchasable elsewhere like hardwood, but don't expect the prices to be cheap!

The idea behind JojaOnline was to create a mod that gave players the ability to purchase items without having to spend their time trekking across town from store to store (at the cost of being more expensive). I also wanted it to fit within the world of Stardew Valley and what better way than to have the Joja Corporation providing the service!


Using JojaOnline

If using Custom Furniture

  • Purchase the Computer furniture from your local carpenter store (Robin) and place it anywhere (presumably your home).
  • Right click the Computer to open up JojaOnline. The items available for purchase will be displayed on the lower half of the screen.

If using Mobile Phone:

  • Open your in-game phone from using the Mobile mod and click the JojaOnline app icon.

To use the UI:

  • Left clicking an item will add it to your cart.
  • Right clicking will remove items from your cart.
  • You can shift click to add or remove multiple items.
  • You can also hold down your click to add or remove until you let go.

Once you are ready to purchase, click on the cart icon located on the top right and you'll be brought to the checkout screen. There you can
see an overview of your selected items and the total cost. You are also able to pick a shipping method.

After you confirm your purchase, your order will arrive by mail!

Additional Details

offers the following shipping options to their customers:

Two Day | Cost: Free
Next Day | Cost: 10% of subtotal

JojaOnline also offers Joja Prime membership for a modest fee, which makes Next Day shipping free.

---Daily Sale---
The shop will randomly pick a stocked item everyday to put on sale. The sale price is picked at random between [minSalePercentage]
and [maxSalePercentage].

The maximum amount of unique items per order is 10. You can, however, have as many orders as you'd like. For example, you could place two separate orders on the same day with next day shipping. Both orders would then arrive on the next morning.

This mod creates a config.json under the ...\JojaOnline\JojaOnline folder. It contains a few options that you can modify to change how JojaOnline interacts with the game.

See the GitHub doc here for more config details.