Handy Headphones is a mod that let's you play any in-game music by wearing either the headphones or earbuds hats. The earbuds is a less obtrusive version of the headphones.

To purchase either hat, visit the hat shop .

To use the headphones or earbuds, simply equip them and a prompt will appear to select a soundtrack. If you unequip the item, the normal music will play.

To change the music track you selected, you can right click the headphones or earbuds while wearing them to bring up the prompt again.

Additionally, the headphones / earbuds will let any event music play and resume your selected track when the event ends.

There is a third hat, called studio headphones, that allows you to play all the in-game sounds with the background music muted. This may be useful for modders!

1. Install the latest version of SMAPI.
2. Install this mod.
3. Run the game using SMAPI.

After running the game once with the mod installed, you will see a config.json under the ...\HandyHeadphones\HandyHeadphones folder.

It contains the following option(s):

  • ShowAllMusicTracks | If set to True, it will allow you to play all music tracks, regardless if you've unlocked them | Default: False

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Thanks to SeanyBoi5 for the original idea!