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Greenhouse Gatherers is a mod for Stardew Valley that adds a way for Junimos to harvest crops inside buildings.

The mod adds a new craftable item called the Harvest Statue, which is given by mail after unlocking the Junimo Huts from the Wizard. This statue can only be placed indoors and only one can be placed per building.

Once placed inside, the Junimos will appear each morning and immediately harvest all available crops, forage products and fruit trees within the building. Right clicking the Harvest Statue will open up a chest-like inventory, allowing you to extract the harvested items.

NOTE: This mod has only been tested for vanilla and certain modded buildings. See the Compatibility section for a full list of validated mods.

1. Install the latest version of SMAPI.
2. Install all the dependencies.
3. Install this mod.
4. PLEASE NOTE: The GreenhouseGatherersAutomate folder is not required unless you have Automate installed.
5. Run the game using SMAPI.

Unlocking the Harvest Statue
To unlock the Harvest Statue, you must finish the Goblin Problem Quest. The day after completing the quest, you will be sent the recipe by the Wizard.

Alternatively, you can set the ForceRecipeUnlock config option to true, which will cause the recipe to appear in your mailbox.

Crafting the Harvest Statue
The Harvest Statue requires the following ingredients:

  • Prismatic Shard x1
  • Stone x350
  • Starfruit x150

The recipe can be changed to your preference by editing the big-craftable.json file under the ...\GreenhouseGatherers\GreenhouseGatherers\assets\HarvestStatue\BigCraftables\Harvest Statue folder.

Using the Harvest Statue
Once per morning, the Junimos will search each building that a Harvest Statue is located in. The Junimos will gather crops, forage products and fruit trees that are ready for harvesting nearby.

If the Junimos successfully harvested anything, you will get a message in the morning letting you know (the message will tell you what building they harvested from). The Harvest Statue will also have an updated sprite, showing that it contains items.

Right clicking the Harvest Statue will open up a chest-like inventory, allowing you to extract the harvested items.

Note that if the Harvest Statue gets full, the Junimos will eat any excess products they gather! This can disabled within the config if you so wish.

While harvesting the Junimos will replant any non-renewing crops, so long as the Harvest Statue contains the matching seeds.
e.g. If the Junimos harvest a parsnip, they will look inside the Harvest Statue for a parsnip seed. If there is at least one, they will
use it to replant the harvested parsnip.

If you'd like to disable this behavior, set DoJunimosSowSeedsAfterHarvest in the config.json to false.

This mod creates a config.json under the ...\GreenhouseGatherers\GreenhouseGatherers folder. It contains options that you can modify to change how Greenhouse Gatherers interacts with the game.

See the GitHub doc here for more config details.

Expanded Storage
If you are using Expanded Storage, you can edit the size / capacity of the Harvest Statues by editing the expanded-storage.json file under the ...\GreenhouseGatherers\GreenhouseGatherers\assets\HarvestStatue folder.

This mod has been tested to work with the following mods (as of Stardew Valley v1.5):

  • Automate
  • Expanded Storage
  • Better Junimos
  • Chests Anywhere
  • Stardew Valley Expanded (Grandpa's Shed)

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