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For Curseforge users: If you want to download all of my Fashion Sense packs in one, I suggest grabbing my SH's Get Dressed with Fashion Sense modpack or my SH's Nifty Creatures modpack instead.


Similar to my previous FS pack, this pack aims to add more customizable parts for your player! <3 This pack kind of follows a similar premise to my previous pack, wherein you can use each accessory to build your farmer's outfit. :> 

There are currently over 130+ accessories/hats/skirts for you to choose from (see images to know what are included in this FS pack) and nearly all are recolorable. Most of them are static pieces, however, but flowing accessories such as capes, veils, or bows with long strands are animated.

Oh, and yes. I've added multiple plumbobs from the sims franchise as a hat. This is because there are versions that change color depending on your health OR your stamina. O3O

As of version 1.2.1, there are 83 in the Hats category42 in the Accessories category, and 7 in the Pants category

Link to frequently asked questions and known issues section

Some of the hats' designs are inspired/referenced by the following mods: Hope's Farmer Customization ModsKawaii Hats, Coii's All Hats Pack (for the initial shape of the tulip hats, which are based on the tulip hats from the 3ds game "Style Savvy" I love that game qwq), and one other mod that I've yet to find again ;w; I highly recommend checking these mods out! <3 A few others are also taken from the vanilla selection of Stardew Valley but made recolorable. =w=