For Curseforge users: If you want to download all of my Fashion Sense packs in one, I suggest grabbing my SH's Get Dressed with Fashion Sense modpack or my SH's Nifty Creatures modpack instead.


This... Has been sitting in my laptop since March 2023 and I can't believe it's only now that I got around to finishing and uploading it online. This mod adds a few coats, hoodies, and jackets as accessories to your game plus some extra other accessories to mix and match them with (four of the accessories were taken from my More Accessories and Stuff mod. This also contains a single set of custom sleeves and a hat (which is the hoodie worn over the head). Every item is recolorable (some coats even have an extra recolorable buttons layer!)

Some of the hoodies and jackets may have variants that look almost completely the same (the baggy versions and regular versions), but the differences are more noticeable if the farmer is moving their arms around because the static arms could cover some of the baggy versions.

As of version 1.1, there are 1 in the Hats category1 in the Sleeves category, and [u]20 in the Accessories category[/u].

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