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For Curseforge users: If you want to download all of my Fashion Sense packs in one, I suggest grabbing my SH's Nifty Creatures modpack instead.


Thrilled by the possibilities from the Fashion Sense framework, I started working on this little project back on November 16, 2021. However, it was only recently that I got around to actually working on it because my brain just didn't want to learn how FS works back in November lol So, here is a mod that adds a couple of animal ears, tails, and other stuff to your game! Feel free to mix and match these parts for your farmer! <3

There are over 170+ accessories/hats to choose from (see images to know what are included in this FS pack),  nearly all recolorable and almost all animated. Most of them are under the accessories category so you can stack them with other accessories without affecting the other categories.

Oh, and despite being titled "Animal Stuff", there are a couple of parts that aren't even from actual real-life animals. A lot of the parts are made to be generic so that they can create different creatures, even those that do not exist (like demons, mermaids, elves, fairies)! And I'm not creative with names lol I understand this is not everyone's cup of tea, but for those who do like it, then here you go! :>

  • As of version 1.5.0 there are 13 in the Hats category148 in the Accessories category (5 antennas, 6 beaks, 45 ears,  22 antlers/horns/spikes,  38 tails,  20 wings, and 12 miscellaneous), 2 in the Sleeves category, and 20 in the Pants category.

Link to frequently asked questions and known issues section

I used one of the hats from the "Kawaii Hats" mod by yuikami as a reference for the bulbous antenna and I used "FS Wabi's Wardrobe" by UBGIBBED as a little guide on how exactly to make the other custom pants function properly (and which sprite actually requires different animations for the pants). I highly recommend checking these mods out! <3