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Weekly fishing trips that reward players with large amounts of fish, provided the boat doesn't sink.
Modifiable gameplay via [size=3]Ancient Flags, a unique reward which are occasionally found after successful fishing trips.[/size]
Special rewards, such as the Angler Ring or Trident, offer unique boons outside the minigame.
Split-screen and online multiplayer are both supported, allowing for multiple deckhands to help out.
Adjustable difficulty and other settings via Generic Mod Config Menu.

Before you can start your career as a deckhand you must first reach the requirements to meet Murphy.

Standard Requirements:

    Reach the needed fishing level (by default level 3)
    Repair the broken bridge found on the beach
    Read Willy's letter of introduction to Murphy

Murphy visits the town once per week (by default Wednesday) and can be found on the beach. More specifically he can be found on the far side docks, across the repaired bridge and past the tide pools.

When first meeting Murphy, he will inform you of the duties expected of a deckhand and offer you a position aboard his fishing trawler: The Dawnshard.

Once Ginger Island is unlocked and certain requirements are met, Murphy will offer the player the ability to start fishing trips from the island. These trips are separate from the standard town visits, allowing players to perform two fishing trips per week (though not on the same day).

Ginger Island Requirements:

    Repair the resort at Ginger Island
    Read an additional letter from Murphy

Note: The day that Murphy appears can't be set to the same day as his normal town visit.

The fishing trawler consists of three locations, which you will need to move between to keep the ship functional.

The first location is the Cabin, where players will first find themselves when starting their fishing trip.

Note: The timer does not start until a player leaves the cabin, so take your time before heading out to deck!

The cabin holds three major points of interest:
[(GPS) Guidance Computer]

The guidance computer will periodically calculate a new fishing route, which must be manually accepted by the player. If a new route is accepted, the fishing trip's timer will be extended by 30 seconds.

Note: You will know the computer has finished calculating when the UI shows GPS: Ready.

[Coffee Machine]

Murphy's coffee machine provides a much needed speed buff for 60 seconds and can be used as many times as the player would like.


The radio, located near a strangely familiar looking cat, can be used to play any previous heard song during the fishing trip. The song will continue to play even as you move between the different compartments of the fishing trawler.

The second location is the Deck, where players will repair the ship's fraying nets and empty out bailing buckets.

Note: Use the bailing bucket near the sides of the deck to empty the water out.

The deck holds two major points of interest:

These nets catch fish frequently and in large numbers, though they are prone to fraying. The number of fish each net catches can be modified by certain Ancient Flags and via the config settings.

When a net section tears, you will begin to lose fish from the ship's current stockpile!

Note: The UI will show if one section is damaged (Nets: Ripping) or if both are (Nets: Ripped).

[Hull Trapdoor]

Interacting with this trapdoor will bring you to the hull of the fishing trawler.

The last location and most critical location is the Hull, where players will repair frequent leaks, bail water and refill the engine.

The hull holds three major points of interest:
[Leak Points]

These boarded up sections of the hull will often break, resulting in ocean water spilling in and flooding the hull. Simply interact with them to seal them up!

Sealing up leaks and bailing out water is the most critical part of the minigame, as the trip will end in failure if flooding reaches 100%.

[Bailing Bucket]

If enough water starts to enter the hull (minimum 5%), the ship will begin to flood. The hull's floor will reflect this change by gradually fading in a water overlay.

Use the bailing bucket, given by Murphy at the start of each trip, to lower the amount of water in the hull and empty it over the side of the deck.

[Engine & Fuel]

[size=3]Note: You can grab up to three stacks of fuel from the "Coal" box.

The engine must be fed fuel periodically in order to keep the fishing trawler moving. Luckily, Murphy has a crate of coal nearby from which players can grab up three stacks of fuel at a time.

The engine modifies how many fish the nets are catching, depending on its current fuel level:

    Greater than 50%: Each net gives +1 fish
    Less than 50%: No bonus to nets
    Equal to 0%: Each net gives no fish

After a successful expedition, you may discover some additional rewards buried under the pile of fish.

[Ancient Flags]

Ancient Flags are magical flags once flown by pirates and sailors of time long lost. They can be found rarely after a fishing trip, though the quantity of fish caught and your fishing level determines the chances of receiving one.

After bringing your ancient flag to Murphy, he will identify it as one of the following:
Parley Flag

    Prevents leaks from occurring, but lowers reward quality by 25%.

Jolly Roger

    Quadruples the fishing net output, but any time a leak occurs all holes will leak.

The Gambler's Crest

    Has a 50% chance of doubling the amount of fish caught, but a 25% chance of losing all fish.

Mermaid's Blessing

    Has a 10% chance of consuming a fish, but gives a random fishing chest reward.

The Patron Saint

    Has a 25% chance of consuming a fish, but gives the full experience for catching it.

The Shark's Fin

    Extends the fishing trawler trip by one minute, allowing for more time to catch fish.

Worldly Flag

    Allows the trawler to catch fish not normally available in the ocean.

Slime King Flag

    Consumes all fish but gives a 75% chance of converting each fish into some slime, 50% chance to convert to a Slimejack and a 1% chance to convert to a random slime egg.

King Crab Flag

    Limits the trawler to crab pot based catches, with a higher chance of crabs.

The Eternal Flame

    Doubles the fishing net output, but also doubles the engine's fuel consumption.

Swift Winds

    Greatly increases the length of Murphy's coffee buff, as well as slightly increasing its power.

[Seaborne Tackles]

Seaborne tackles are special fishing rod attachments. Seemingly blessed by the sea itself, they never break or degrade.

Each tackle provides the same benefit as their vanilla tackle counterpart.


An ancient, three-pronged spear brought up from the depths of the ocean. The trident provides a unique way to fish by allowing players to instantly catch fish and other water residing objects.

Fish caught in this manner will always be of lower quality than normal, though the trident does have a higher chance of catching double fish.

Note: Legendary fish will dodge any attempts at spearing them and cannot be caught with the trident.

[Other Unique Items]

The Angler Ring grants the player a +2 fishing level bonus when equipped.

Murphy's Fishing Charm allows players to easily teleport to Murphy, when he is in town or visiting Ginger Island.


Fishing Trawlers is multiplayer compatible. To join another farmer's fishing trip, simply be on the same dock as Murphy before the ship departs.

There are some caveats to keep in mind:

    The rewards are calculated individually, meaning each deckhand's fishing level determines the fish they catch.
    The trawler will only fly the flag of the person who initiated the trip. The flag will affect all deckhands.

This mod utilizes i18n, which allows translators to easily translate the mod's text via one file.

If you're interested in translating this mod, see this link on the Wiki for details on how: https://stardewvalleywiki.com/Modding:Translations and this file for default.json to translate.

If you have translated the mod, please open a pull request on the mod's GitHub repository with the relevant i18n file.

Currently this mod supports the following languages:

    Korean - Translated by KAYA
    Turkish - Translated by zenychan
    Portuguese - Translated by Sora, Roxas-Alt
    Spanish - Translated by Amaurym
    Chinese - Translated by qqq253673732, Puffeeydii
    German - Translated by inselgeist97

How do I...

Meet Murphy?

    Once you reach the required fishing level (default level 3) and it is the day of week that Murphy arrives (default Wednesday), you'll get a letter from Willy explaining the details.
    Note: The beach's bridge also needs to be repaired before Willy's letter will be sent.

Find Murphy?

    Murphy can be found on the far side docks, across the repaired bridge and past the tide pools.
    If you're a farmhand (e.g. not the main player), Murphy will appear according to the main player's config settings.

Fix a broken net / hull?

    Right click near the moving exclamation mark to repair the failing part. Note: Make sure you are standing in front of and close to the spot in order to repair it!

Refill the engine?

    Right click the coal box (up to three times) to gather fuel.
    Right click the engine, with the fuel in your inventory, to refuel it.

Use the bailing bucket?

    Right click while in the hull to take out water. Go the surface of the boat and right click while you're at the edge of the boat to empty it.

Find my reward?

    The rewards from completing a fishing trip will show up in the large crate to left of Murphy. Interact with it just like a chest to see inside!

Hoist the ancient flag I got?

    Talk with Murphy to get your ancient flag identified. After you have an identified ancient flag, right click on Murphy with the flag in your hand and he will take it off your hands.

Take down the flag I hoisted?

    Talk with Murphy and use the "I've got some questions" dialogue, then click Could I have my flag back?

Stop the ship from sinking?

    Always try to prevent your flooding levels from reaching 100%. It is highly advised to use Murphy's coffee machine or other speed buffs.
    Frequent bailing is important! Remember to always use your bailing bucket, which is given to you at the start of each trip, to remove water from the hull.
    Keep in mind, depending on the ancient flag you're using, you may want to use a different strategy.

Bring friends along?

    Make sure that anyone who wants to tag along is standing on the docks near Murphy. If you're not on the far side docks when Murphy agrees to head out, you'll miss out.

Change how many fish I am catching?

    See the configuration options using Generic Mod Config Menu. There are options for changing net outputs and the boost that the working engine gives.

Use the old trawler sprite?

    See the Fishing Trawler configuration option "Use Old Trawler Sprite" via Generic Mod Config Menu.