Fashion Sense is a framework which allows mod authors to create static (or animated) accessories, hairstyles, hats, shirts, pants and shoes that are larger than the default vanilla dimensions.

The framework also includes special conditions for animation, allowing for dynamic movement (such as a hairstyle that animates differently while walking or running).

Additionally, Fashion Sense supports the saving and loading of custom outfits.

Support hair - Implemented (v1.0.0)
[size=3]Support accessories - Implemented (v2.0.0)
Support hats - Implemented (v2.2.0)
Support shirts - Implemented (v2.6.0)
Support pants - [size=3][size=3]Implemented (v2.7.0)
Support sleeves - [size=3]Implemented (v3.1.0)[/size]
Support boots - [size=3]Implemented (v4.3.0)[/size]

See the GitHub repository for an in-depth wiki on how to create a content pack for Fashion Sense.

For template files (which utilize vanilla-esque sizes), visit this template page.

See the example pack in the Optional Files section for an example pack.

For converting Json Assets pants / skirts, see the SkirtConverter tool by Violetlizabet.

To use this framework, you will need a Fashion Sense content pack installed.
These content packs will add accessories, hairstyles, hats, shirts, sleeves, pants and shoes that can be larger than the vanilla features and optionally animated.

Multiple FS content packs are compatible with each other.

If you'd like to change your Fashion Sense accessory, hairstyle, hat, shirt, sleeves, pants or shoes you can simply use the Hand Mirror tool. Custom outfits can also be saved and loaded via this tool.

The Hand Mirror tool is purchasable from Pierre (see Hand Mirror
on the wiki for more details). It can also be given on character creation by selecting the "Start with Mirror" button.

[size=3]Can I uninstall Fashion Sense without issue?

    Yes, the game will simply use the vanilla accessory / hair / hat / shirt / sleeves / pants / shoes.
    Note that you'll need to trash the Hand Mirror before uninstalling, otherwise the game will prevent you from trashing it.

Can I uninstall [size=3][b]Fashion Sense content packs without issue?

    Yes, the game will revert the player's hairstyle back to the vanilla accessory / hair / hat / shirt / sleeves / pants / shoes.

Is there a limit for [size=3][b][size=3][b]Fashion Sense[/b][/size] content packs I can have?


How do I change my hairstyle into a Fashion Sense one?

    During character creation, use the "Hairstyles" buttons near the bottom right corner.
    Purchase the Hand Mirror from Pierre and use it to display a config menu.

How do I go back to the vanilla accessory / hair / hat / shirt / sleeves / pants / shoes?

    Use the Hand Mirror and select the "None" option for the relevant setting.

The Hand Mirror doesn't appear under Pierre's stock, what do I do?

    Use the console command fs_add_mirror to force the Hand Mirror to appear in your inventory.

Source code is available here.[/size]