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This mod allows you to 'cheat' by changing the green bar's size in the fishing mini-game.
The mod has two modes it can use to do this - You can change which in the mod's config.

The first mode is the No Skill mode. This mode changes the bar's height in pixels by a 100 ratio. So if you put 2.5f in the config the bar will be 250 pixels long. If you put 3.3f it will be 330 pixels long. This mode has no save file impacts, character impacts, or progression impacts.

The second mode is the Yes Skill mode. This mode changes your characters fishing skill to the value specified in the config file. By default this value is set to 25, but it can be changed to be higher or lower. You will not receive the leveling perks this way and you will be unable to level your skill while using this mode. There will be no long lasting impact on your save file if you use this mode. All changes are reverted prior to saving and re-applied post saving.

The default mode is the No Skill mode as it has no effect on the game-play other than making it easier to fish.


If you are experiencing issues with the mod turn on the Debug mode in the config and see if you cant find what's wrong. If you are constantly experiencing issues report the issue on Curse Forge so it can get fixed!