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Dynamic Reflections is a framework which enables mirror and [size=3]water reflections within Stardew Valley.

Dynamic Reflections introduces many features:

    Water reflection for both vanilla and modded locations
    Puddles that generate during and after rainy days, which are both reflective and splashy
    Stars and comets that appear within bodies of water during non-rainy days
    Mirror reflections added via map tiles and [size=3]modded furniture[/size]
    [size=3][size=3][size=3]Customizable reflection effects, such as waviness, color, height and more![/size][/size][/size]

See the GitHub repository for an in-depth wiki on how to create a content pack for Dynamic Reflections.
See the example pack in the Optional Files section for an example interior which uses mirrors via a Solid Foundation custom building.

See Fashionable Mirrors for a DR pack which utilizes Dynamic Game Assets.

[b]Dynamic Game Assets is supported!

[b]Fashion Sense is supported!

To use this framework for water reflections, simply download it and config it to your liking.

You may optionally use Generic Mod Config Menu to easily change the water reflection and other settings while in-game.

Dynamic Reflection (DR) content packs may also be downloaded, which add reflections to modded furniture (currently via DGA).

Removing downloaded DR packs will result in their respective furniture no longer have reflections, but will otherwise have no impact on your game.

For a general example pack, see the mod's repository.

For a pack which uses Dynamic Reflections and Dynamic Game Assets, see the Fashionable Mirrors pack.

[b]Can I uninstall Dynamic Reflections without issue?



Can I uninstall Dynamic Reflections content packs without issue?

    Yes, though the respective modded furniture will lose their reflective surfaces.

Source code is available here.