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  • Adds various cosmetic rings to the Hat Mouse's shop.
  • Ring effects vary from summoning a follower (butterfly, rabbit, fairy and Junimos) to purely visual (rain cloud, petals).
  • Many rings have idle effects, which occur when the player stands still.

Bunny Ring
  • Spawns a bunny to follow you around.
  • Occasionally jumps!
  • 25% chance of summoning a baby rabbit instead.

Butterfly Ring
  • Spawns a random butterfly to follow you around.
  • If you stand still, the butterfly may randomly land on your head.

Fairy Ring
    • Spawns a fairy to follow you around.
    • Gives off light at night / in the dark.
    • If you stand still, the fairy will wander around.

Junimo Ring
    • Spawns a randomly colored Junimo to follow you around.
    • Occasionally jumps and meeps!

Petal Ring
    • Spawns falling cherry blossoms around you.

Raindrop Ring
  • Spawns a rain cloud that follows you around.

Slime Ring
  • Spawns a randomly colored slime to follow you around.
  • Rare chance of it being spawned as a prismatic slime.

Dust Ring
  • Spawns a dust sprite that bounces around.
  • Occasionally meeps.

Firefly Ring
  • Spawns a small cluster of fireflies around you.
  • Give off a more steady light compared to fairy.

Frog Ring
  • Spawns a frog to follow you around.
  • Frog currently has two random variations for color.
  • Occasionally croaks.

Bat Ring
  • Spawns a random bat of different variations to follow you around.

Currently not supported, though it will be in the future. Technically it should work in multiplayer, but the ring effects may not appear to the other players.

I have not encountered any mods that are incompatible, but always make sure your saves are backed up.

This mod is compatible with Wear More Rings.

How do I...

Get a ring?
  • After you've unlocked the Hat Mouse's shop, you'll be able to purchase them.

Use multiple of the same ring?
  • Most rings that summon things will work when wearing multiples of the ring, however it isn't officially supported.
  • This means if you have problems while wearing two of the same ring, but not when wearing just one, then it isn't a priority issue for me to fix.

Get rid of my summoned Junimo, etc. ?
  • Unequipping the ring should despawn any summoned familiar.

Change the color of the butterfly / Junimo?
  • Unequipping and reequipping the ring will cause a new color to be randomly picked.

Give a suggestion for a new ring?
  • Post a comment with your idea and I'll let you know if it is feasible!