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7.3K Downloads Updated Nov 17, 2018 Created Sep 12, 2018

Adds health bars to enemy mobs.

5.4K Downloads Updated Oct 22, 2018 Created Oct 21, 2018

Temporarily Boost Your Fishing Skills

8.7K Downloads Updated Nov 29, 2018 Created Jul 12, 2018

Easily view your relationship level, and gifting response by hovering your mouse over an NPC.

2.3K Downloads Updated Dec 3, 2018 Created Nov 30, 2018

Randomizes many aspects of the game. Every play-through will be a different experience.

786 Downloads Updated Mar 11, 2019 Created Mar 11, 2019

Let your Valley come to life with less robotic answers to dating and marriage

714 Downloads Updated Nov 29, 2018 Created Nov 9, 2018

Is the Wizard too flat a character?! Razolyn replaces both the Wizard and his...

662 Downloads Updated Nov 30, 2018 Created Nov 30, 2018

What was once empty is now full.. thank you foggywizard

738 Downloads Updated Mar 4, 2019 Created Nov 25, 2018

Junimo's will either bless you or curse you. Also W/ Twitch chat integration!