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This mod is using the mod Alternative Textures, to add new textures to paintings in Stardew Valley. The paintings is paintings of the art from many of Kehaan's modpacks from Minecraft and Stardew Valley. More paintings will be added over time. Right now there is paintings from "Morning Dew", "Farming Valley", "Amnesia", "TrollCraft", "CrundeeCraft", "Fire In The Pipe", "Pokehaan 1", "Pokehaan 2".

Here is a screenshot of some of them ingame:
This mod is letting you change the texture of the following paintings:

"'1000 Years From Now'", "'1000 Years From Now'", "'Land Of Clay'", "'Clouds'", "'The Serpent'", "'Three Trees'", "'A Night On Eco-Hill'", "'Boat'", "'Burnt Offering'", "'Frozen Dreams'", "'Highway 89'", "'Kitemaster '95'", "'Pathways'", "'Physics 101'", "'Primal Motion'", "'Red Eagle'", "'Spires'", "'Sun 44'", "'Sun 45'", "'The Muzzamaroo'", "'Tropical Fish 173'", "'Vanilla Villa'", "'VGA Paradise'", "'Vista'", "'Volcano' Photo", "Calico Falls", "Foliage Print", "Mounted Trout" "Pig Painting", "Pig Painting", "'Solar Kingdom'", "'Portrait Of A Mermaid'", "'Jade Hills Extended'", "'Jade Hills'", "'Queen of the Gem Sea'".

When placing one of these paintings there is a chance, it is using the textures from one of the paintings this mod adds. You can also buy a "Paint Bucket" from "Robin's Store" which lets you left click on a painting, and you can then select the texture you want. You can also buy a "The Texture Catalogue", and you can see a full overview of the furniture that can be changed.

Required: Alternative Textures

Optional: Generic Mod Config Menu & Content Patcher

Art by: Arkadya