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Archery is a framework which allows mod authors to create custom range weapons, ammo and related recipes.

Archery introduces many features:

    Completely customizable weapons and projectiles (damage, speed, visuals, etc.)
    Dynamic, animation-supported textures with optional conditions
    Custom material cost and recipe unlock conditions
    Ability to add custom weapons, ammo and recipes to any vanilla or modded shop
    Custom special attacks (for weapons) and enchantments (for ammo) via the API

See the GitHub repository for an in-depth wiki on how to create a content pack for Archery.
See the example pack in the Optional Files section for examples.

See the Starter Pack for an Archery pack which utilizes the API.

To use this framework, you need a Archery content pack.
These content packs will add custom ammo and weapons to shops or make them available via other means (such as recipes).

Removing downloaded Archery packs will result in trashable junk items, with no other impact on your save file.

For a general example pack, see the mod's repository.

What is the difference between the ammo types?

    By default, arrows can only be used with bows and bolts with crossbows. Mod pack authors can change this behavior however.

What is the difference between bows and crossbows?

    Besides the above mentioned ammo requirements, crossbows are required to be reloaded before a player is able to fire. Bows do not have this limitation.
    Crossbows are reloaded by holding the firing button, similar to "charging" a bow.

Can I uninstall Archery without issue?

    Yes, though any custom ammo and weapons will appear as junk items.

Can I uninstall Archery content packs without issue?

    Yes, though the respective custom ammo and weapons will become junk items.

Can I install Archery on an existing save?

    Yes, there should be no issues using the mod on an existing save.

Source code is available here.