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Alternative Textures is a framework which allows for texture variation for objects, buildings and entities in Stardew Valley. Multiple AT content packs are compatible with each other, even if they modify the same object.

The framework also allows for textures to only be available during certain seasons, as well as the ability for mod authors to set the probability of certain texture variations. Additionally, craftable and furniture objects can be animated!

See the GitHub repository for an in-depth wiki on how to create a content pack for Alternative Textures.

See the example pack in the Optional Files section for an example texture variation pack.

Content Patcher and Generic Mod Config Menu are supported!

Json Assets and Dynamic Game Assets are supported!
Adopt 'N Skin compatible!

Entities (such as farm animals) are supported!

To use this framework, you need an Alternative Textures content pack. These content packs will add texture variation to one or more placeable objects in Stardew Valley.

When placing supported objects, it has a chance to use the default game texture or one of the texture variations supplied by any AT content pack. This feature can be disabled via the framework's config file (or via [size=3]GMCM
If you'd like to change the texture of the placed item, you can use the Paint Bucket tool on it. This tool is purchasable from Robin.

See Paint Bucket on the wiki for more details.

See Paint Brush on the wiki for additional details.

See Scissors on the wiki for changing textures of entities.

[size=3]See Spray Can on the wiki
for additional details.

For a general example pack, see the mod's repository.

[/size]For a full furniture example pack, see Inss94's pack.

Can I uninstall Alternative Textures without issue?

    Yes, the game will simply use the default vanilla textures instead.

Can I uninstall Alternative Textures content packs without issue?

    Yes, the game will simply use the default vanilla textures instead.

Can two Alternative Texture content packs modify the same object?

    Yes! The framework will pick randomly from either content pack.

How do I change a texture of a placed object?

    Use the Paint Bucket tool, which can be purchased from Robin.
    Use the Paint Brush tool to copy and paste textures from objects of the same type.
    Use the Scissors tool to apply textures to entities, such as farm animals.

How do I disable specific textures?

    Individual textures from AT packs can be disabled via GMCM.

How do I disable texture randomization when placing objects?

    You can disable the texture randomization behavior via GMCM.

Why does the paint bucket say no alternative textures for this season?

    This message means the item you are using the paint bucket on has no alternative textures available from content packs for that particular season.

What are the limitations?

    See here for the current list of unsupported objects.
    Please note this list may change over time as compatibles are built.

Translation Credits

    Russian - angel4killer
    Thai - ellipszist
    Turkish - KediDili
    Ukrainian - burunduk, ChulkyBow

Source code is available here.