Cozy Cottage 𝒻𝑜𝓇 𝓉𝒽𝒶𝓉 𝒱𝒾𝒷𝑒🍂ㅤㅤ will start downloading in 5 seconds...


This is a Stardew Valley Aesthetic Modpack

with more Farming🚜, Fishing🐟, Cooking🍳, Animals🐸 and Cuteness🍂

(Perfect to play with people that don't have a ultra setup for a cottagecore modpack)


Mods Included:

▸ Fashion to new clothes [🍂]

▸ Recolor and new furnitures mods [🍂]

▸ More New Fish and More Wild Animals [🐸🐟]

▸Advanced Cooking to more recipes [🍳]

▸Automate to soft gameplay [🚜]

▸ New Music Menu [🍂]


and some dependencies to there work well.

[Screenshots in-game]


Thanks to these modders the modpack base was possible (they permited me): 

TangaS2       ☜♡☞      Acerbicon

ManaKirei      ☜♡☞     Neopffe      

If you also permit me to use your mod on this modpack, pls send me a message 💌
same case if you find a mod without permission here, let me know



To better play in cottagecore aesthetic I recommend:

▸Play with some chill playlist in the background like:

a cottagecore playlist to feel like you're in nature

songs from a cottage on a hill 🍄【instrumental cottagecore playlist】


Read below for a new experience:


Initially this modpack was based on my personal modpack but unfortunately not all mods can be permited to use here in Curseforge. So my idea was to try to make it as similar as possible with what I could find here and from mods allowed me to use.
I think
if you wanna my true modpack experience (with these two last screenshots being really accurate in-game) I recommend to install these mods by outside 🔽🔽 every are updated to the last version of Stardew Valley and on the links you can support them too!


Dependencies and Single Mods:

Stardew Valley Expanded

Visible Fish

Wind Effects

Space Core

Sit and Rest

Solid Foundations

Produce Framework

Multi Yield Crops

More grass

Lookup Anything

Json Assets


Customize Anywhere

Content Patcher

Content Patcher Animations






Alternative Textures


Aesthetic Mods

(Change important visuals in game):

Wildflower Grass Field

Alexilyn's Witchy Looks

Kyuya's Clothes Pack

Shardust's Animated Hairstyles


Animated Fish

Animated More New Fish

Animated Mining Pack

Vibrant Pastoral Recolor

Vibrant Pastoral Recolor Fix for 1.6

Stardew Foliage Redone

Seasonal Grass Path for foliage redone

Seasonal Floral Bus

Seasonal Floorings

Seasonal Fences

Seasonal Cute Characters

SD's Mushroom Dig Spot

Sanrio Scarecrows

[CP] Rustic Country Walls and Floors

[CP] Rustic Country Town Interior

[CP] Medieval Buildings by Gweniaczek

Vintage Interface

[CP] Industrial Kitchen and Interior

[CP] Hats Won't Mess Up Hair

[CP] Elle's Town Animals

[CP] Cuter Artisan Goods

[CP] Cute Valley - Pink

[CP] Coii's Hats Pack

[CP] Better Crops and Foraging

[AT] Elles New Horses

[AT] Elles New Coop and Barn Animals

To update it outside you need download and extract the archives from all mods, then just add it for your mods folder.
You can acess your mods folder from modpack here:

Alternative Stuff:

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