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This modpack compiles most of my Fashion Sense packs into a single mod pack for easier downloading. Download the SH's Get Dressed with Fashion Sense modpack instead if you want to play exclusively as a normal farmer without all the creature ears, tails, and whatnot. That other modpack should have everything else available.

All of my packs combined together makes a total of 390+ parts to choose from to really customize your famers (custom hats, accessories, pants, shirts, shoes, and sleeves)!

All that this modpack requires is the Fashion Sense framework by PeacefulEnd to be able to have access to all of these clothes. Most (if not all) are completely recolorable and a lot are animated too! Have fun with customizing your farmers however you'd like and be who you want to be! A cat-girl, an anthropomorphic raccoon, kemonomimi, an elf, a mermaid, a demon, a faun... Whatever you can make with all the parts available! And get all dress up in the process too!

Q: How do I equip these parts onto my character?
A: You need to buy the hand mirror from Pierre's shop in order to make these parts selectable (the hand mirror is a new item added by the Fashion Sense framework). Using the hand mirror item allows the player to select any accessories/hats/sleeves/shirts/shoes that are available via Fashion sense content packs any time.

Q: Changing the sliders doesn't change the part's colors (it stays white). Is this a glitch?
A: Make sure to lower the brightness value (the bottom slider) and then use the other sliders to your desires. This happens because the maxing out the bottom slider makes it too bright to show any other color. Parts that have the word "ignored" by the color sliders mean they can not be recolored.