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Banner of the Blissful Valley Modpack

 A Cozy modpack focused on expanding the game with content suitable for everyone. 

Featuring quality of life changes, lots of extra content, better multiplayer and a fun gameplay!


Join the discord! There's currently an ongoing contest with 2 winners and an extra giveaway! 


⭐ Features ⭐



Expanded Content 🌿

Hundreds of new things very well integrated for you to not get overwhelmed!


From clothing, to several variations, up to over 30 new maps and a whole new adventure awaiting you at the forest!

Feeling a bit lost? You can get info of what you're hovering by pressing F1!





💎 Quality of Life

The annoying parts of the game? Gone!


Adding terraria-like placement, automatic tool swaps, automatic foraging, and more!

Perfect for controller players who just want to chill without the annoyance of pressing so many buttons ✨



Personality ⭐

It's your game, your character, you decide how things are.


Customize your character with expanded customization, and build your own personal businesses in town!

Want a coffee shop? Maybe a restaurant? Or a museum! You decide! You can always stick to your little farm :)




👥 Multiplayer Focus

Playing with friends, your partner, or family is awesome!


From the start, one of the main focuses of the modpack was multiplayer compatibility, you'll have a great time playing with more people!




A Blissful Melody 🌸

The main menu music was replaced by an original song for the modpack called Bliss!

You can listen to the full song below! In game you will hear the song starting from 0:35




Full Feature Set

Reveal the spoiler to see a summary of the modpack's features!


🌿 Expanded Content


In Game Wiki

Press F1 while hovering on something to open an ingame guide!


Adventure Expansion

If you like adventuring, you have a huge expansion for you!

Featuring more than 30 maps, 29 new items and 5 new strong enemies to fight!

Go to the forest to start your adventure...


Endgame Expansion

Visit the Distant Lands with an overhauled Witch Swamp suitable for the end game!


Build your own Business

Make your dream business inside your farm, on the town, or inside a building!

You can create your own cafeteria, restaurant, clothes store, fish market, or whatever you want to sell!

You can also bring a villager to visit your house with this!


Clothing Expansion

Over 500 new clothes and accessories!

Go get a hand mirror and get your dream's outfit :D


 Fishing Expansion

Over 150 new fish variants for you to get!

You can also craft higher quality bait, unlocked by leveling up the skill! 



You can get cute canaries at Marnie's shop, they lay eggs and bring secrets from the mines. 


💎 Quality of Life Features


Better Controls

Terraria-like placement, auto foraging and auto tool swapping!

Making playing the game easier and more comfortable.


Uncapped Chest Interaction

Multiple people can use chests at the same time now! Similar to how Minecraft chests work



Automate any machine by putting a chests next to machines!

The machines will take the items and put back the finished result



You can go to a forge (or mini forge) to change the name of any item for 3 cinder shards!


Player Trading

Trade with other players by pressing G on them while being nearby!





Made with 💜 by ElocinDev