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Brightful's mod logo and banner


Brightful aims to add more color to New York! While also making it modular enough so players may choose what

they want in their own city :)


Features of the Brightful mod


Brightful instead of having every feature in one mod file, instead comes each individual feature with its own file

So if you don't like one of them, you can easily just uncheck it using SMPC Tool!






Click on the buttons below to get access to the dependencies or our discord!

Installation instructions are inside the mod's file, but a tutorial will be there soon!





How to install the mod:

1. Open Spider-Man PC Modding Tool
2. Select your assets folder inside your game's folder
3. Go to "Mod Manager" at the top bar
4. Select "Add" and add whatever feature you'd like!
5. Enjoy your Brightful experience :)!


How to install the shader:

1. Install ReShade for Spider-Man (DirectX 12)

2. Install all extra shaders
3. Go to your game's folder and place "Brightful - Shader.ini" there.
4. Open your game, press the Home button in your keyboard and select the Brightful Shader
5. Enjoy your Brightful experience :)!


Install instructions are also given in the Instructions.txt file provided on the mod's zip. 


Made with ðŸ’œ by Alm