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14.8K Downloads Updated Dec 8, 2011 Created Dec 8, 2011

Maxis -Savegame file

18K Downloads Updated Dec 30, 2011 Created Dec 29, 2011

Heroic, gleaming version of the Dwarven weapons and armor

11.3K Downloads Updated Aug 31, 2012 Created Aug 31, 2012

You can now Adopt a child from honorhall Orphanage at riften.

30.4K Downloads Updated Nov 16, 2011 Created Nov 16, 2011

4 Recolored versions of Dragonscale Armor

10.7K Downloads Updated Aug 7, 2013 Created Feb 7, 2013

You can build squads from followers. Compatible with most follower mods!

57.1K Downloads Updated Nov 23, 2011 Created Nov 23, 2011

This allows you to craft lock picks out of iron ingots at forges.

14.4K Downloads Updated Dec 3, 2011 Created Dec 3, 2011

Allows you to convert dragon souls into perk points.

18.2K Downloads Updated Feb 9, 2012 Created Feb 9, 2012

Adds a cheat spell in Whiterun (on the ground) that can kill anything in one...

32.2K Downloads Updated Jan 9, 2012 Created Jan 9, 2012

Turn your old armor, weapons, tons of MISC items, and even craft arrows.

83.2K Downloads Created Dec 17, 2011

Skyrim Online turns your single experience into an online experience...

8K Downloads Updated Dec 10, 2011 Created Dec 10, 2011

Breezehome completely redone

38.3K Downloads Updated Dec 8, 2011 Created Dec 8, 2011

adds MANY new ranks of perks

2.1K Downloads Updated Apr 27, 2016 Created Apr 15, 2016

This will remove all shadows, increase your frame rate, and remove shadow striping.

7K Downloads Updated Apr 5, 2012 Created Apr 5, 2012

A Mansion near the end of SkyHaven Temple called "The Blade's Mansion"

2.6K Downloads Updated Jun 9, 2016 Created Jun 9, 2016

If you absolutely, positively need a reliable companion then you want Haez. She is deadly.

21.5K Downloads Updated Nov 19, 2011 Created Nov 18, 2011

Launcher that manages multiple character save files.

3.8K Downloads Updated Jun 6, 2014 Created Jun 6, 2014

Adds a simple boat in the Solitude docks that can be used as a player...

14.4K Downloads Updated Nov 16, 2011 Created Nov 16, 2011

Glass weapon/armor set recolor.

17.4K Downloads Updated Jan 2, 2012 Created Nov 16, 2011

Bodyhair Nude Male HD