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75.7K Downloads Updated Nov 17, 2011 Created Nov 16, 2011

Mod changes camera controls in ingame world map view so it becomes possible to explore...

8.5K Downloads Updated Dec 10, 2011 Created Dec 10, 2011

Breezehome completely redone

5.6K Downloads Updated Dec 11, 2011 Created Dec 11, 2011

Ads the Collector's Edition to Breezehome!

56.6K Downloads Created Nov 15, 2011

Full Whiterun retexturing project to high-quality levels while keeping as close as possible to the...

11.7K Downloads Updated Nov 21, 2011 Created Nov 21, 2011

Water texture on par with Crysis quality.

8.7K Downloads Updated Dec 6, 2011 Created Dec 6, 2011

Adds new map markers to popular city areas for easier traveling.

1.8K Downloads Updated Dec 3, 2011 Created Dec 3, 2011

No Fast Travel