Old Annon

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Mod adds a new location - Old Annon , Lakefront Nir and small quest , as well as the history of realized using scraps (30 total) , as well as a variety of armor and weapons 1 .

City magicians and engineers once flew , that knowledge did not prevent muscle. For many years, the city prospered , but one day , something happened that destroyed this city . You have to inspect it and see the small part of the city after 15 years after the event. All this and more you will learn something in the city ...
Home : Go to your home warm winds and get a bowl of soup on the first floor ... and check your bed in search of books to read together ...

Tighten your vision , gather the best scrolls to stock banks , raise the level of at least 30 ... and not disdain armor guards (another not stand )

A little history:

The city was home to different people , but their combined 2 guilds that controlled the city elections on a certain date. Guild is wizards and engineers . They did not like each other, but without those without other city would never have taken off. Open clashes were not, but the hassle occurred regularly. Why ? All the matter in different world views . On the part of mechanics and by magic. Once engineers have not provided and expansion for the city was rebuilt . After a certain period of time in the area broke gear levitation and delicate mechanism of the reactor could not resist. Because not only engineers built the reactor , the city is quite landed safely to the ground. But in these lands inhabited by hordes of savages and barbarians with their unbridled magic. They immediately attacked the city . While the siege continued , a group of people unable to run the reactor , but it was too late ...