Crom Skills System

3,057 Downloads Last Updated: Feb 24, 2012

This Mod adds a Mining skill, that will automatically be used when you mine. It adds a prospection skill, that is automatically used when mining.

What It does: For every Ore, It will check your success at mining. This depends on your skill and the type of Ore. It will then automatically add to your Mining Xps, and after some time, you will improve yourself (5 ranks, from ignorant to master right now...). You can have one of four results: Critical success: 2 Ore (and 2 times gems possibility), very few XPs Success: 1 Ore, few XPs Failure: Nothing, Some XPs Critical Failure: You hurt yourself, Quite a fair amount of XPs.

There is a known issue, as it might not work on every Veins ingame, but it should work for most.

Improvements to come: Various craftable quality Mining Picks will give bonus More random critical failure effects (like break Pick) A Prospection Skill (and trainer), that will increase the amount of Ore that can be found in Veins. A Mining trainer, that will increase the amount of Mining XPS you receive when mining.

The prospection skill can be bought from Draakh, that can be found in ShoreStone. The prospection skill increases randomly the amount of total mining tries you can make on a vein.


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