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163K Downloads Updated Jan 14, 2012 Created Dec 19, 2011

Belethor's General Goods EXTREME

88K Downloads Updated Dec 4, 2011 Created Dec 4, 2011

Skyrim item ID list in Excel

65.7K Downloads Updated Jun 10, 2013 Created Dec 3, 2012

Custom race with custom textures, weapons and spells

12.7K Downloads Updated Jun 7, 2015 Created Dec 26, 2014

This mod will make every fight realistic, every creature will own unique abilities and immunities.

34.1K Downloads Updated Feb 4, 2012 Created Jan 30, 2012

Adds new spells, ninja items, tools that give skill bonuses, and a dwemer rocket launcher.

4.8K Downloads Updated Aug 29, 2016 Created Aug 25, 2016

A sword for the King Jah Akir of Ourorax, left to you by some unknown...

179 Downloads Updated Apr 28, 2021 Created Sep 9, 2020

This tweak will add smelter recipes to the Legendary Skyrim Crossbows mod.

80.7K Downloads Updated Jun 14, 2012 Created Jun 5, 2012

Nightstalker Gear

18.6K Downloads Updated Dec 30, 2011 Created Dec 29, 2011

Heroic, gleaming version of the Dwarven weapons and armor

26.5K Downloads Updated Feb 4, 2012 Created Jan 31, 2012

Cao's Rune Swords

3.2K Downloads Updated Aug 22, 2016 Created Jul 17, 2016

Streik will sell you the arrows you seek, and will buy anything you have to...

3K Downloads Updated Jun 9, 2016 Created Jun 9, 2016

If you absolutely, positively need a reliable companion then you want Haez. She is deadly.

14.8K Downloads Updated Nov 16, 2011 Created Nov 16, 2011

Glass weapon/armor set recolor.

1.3K Downloads Updated Aug 15, 2016 Created Aug 15, 2016

Rayan Custom Voiced Companion

16.1K Downloads Updated Feb 4, 2012 Created Jan 16, 2012

Adds Dwemer Schematics to build summonable dwemer automatons, and Shurikens!

9.8K Downloads Updated Nov 19, 2011 Created Nov 17, 2011

Retextures every piece of Ebony armor and every Ebony weapons, including artifacts, to have a...

7.1K Downloads Updated Jul 12, 2012 Created Jul 12, 2012

Questline, dungeons and Epic encounters, try your character in a new game content, the harder...

4K Downloads Updated Dec 3, 2011 Created Dec 3, 2011

Makes items level up with you! You are no longer punished for completing quests at...