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216K Downloads Updated Feb 20, 2012 Created Nov 24, 2011

Sets weight to zero for certain items

63.8K Downloads Updated Apr 1, 2012 Created Nov 24, 2011

Adds many new foods and recipes to create them

7.5K Downloads Updated Nov 26, 2011 Created Nov 26, 2011

Hires Plants and Herbs Retexture WIP

32.6K Downloads Updated Jan 9, 2012 Created Jan 9, 2012

Turn your old armor, weapons, tons of MISC items, and even craft arrows.

14K Downloads Updated Feb 19, 2012 Created Feb 19, 2012

Allows player to take human flesh and hearts from corpses

15.9K Downloads Updated Nov 30, 2011 Created Nov 30, 2011

Gems have more uses