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169K Downloads Updated Mar 15, 2012 Created Jan 12, 2012

Adds a Dungeon/Basement to every house in the game, includes everything you could ever need...

4.7K Downloads Updated Sep 28, 2014 Created Sep 28, 2014

Old Annon

23.7K Downloads Updated Feb 4, 2012 Created Jan 5, 2012

this mod adds a quest to obtain the Legendary sword Goldbrand, that has been in...

4.9K Downloads Created Dec 17, 2011

Adds new treasures and maps to game

2.9K Downloads Created Dec 15, 2011

A quest of riddles

34.5K Downloads Updated Jan 9, 2012 Created Jan 5, 2012

Adds a new room to Breezehome

1.3K Downloads Updated Aug 15, 2016 Created Aug 15, 2016

Rayan Custom Voiced Companion

4.5K Downloads Updated Dec 29, 2012 Created Dec 29, 2012

The goal of this mod is to enhance the fun and usefulness of some of...

12.1K Downloads Updated Dec 1, 2011 Created Dec 1, 2011

Allows you to add a ring which grants you a Poison Cloak aura effect (the...

9.1K Downloads Updated Jul 3, 2012 Created Jul 3, 2012

Epic music and animation for your dragon kills.

7.2K Downloads Updated Jul 12, 2012 Created Jul 12, 2012

Questline, dungeons and Epic encounters, try your character in a new game content, the harder...

26.2K Downloads Created Dec 31, 2011

Quest for a new home in the wilderness

17.3K Downloads Updated Jan 26, 2012 Created Jan 26, 2012

Adds a Book-Quest to Whiterun Dungeons.

13K Downloads Updated Jul 17, 2012 Created Jan 7, 2012

Playable BETA version of the Gokstad Ship

3.7K Downloads Updated Jan 17, 2012 Created Jan 17, 2012

Allows the top tier Nightingale Bow to be improved by a Master Blacksmith to match...

27.5K Downloads Updated Feb 9, 2012 Created Jan 19, 2012

This mod adds 2 Satchels and 2 Knapsacks that increase your carry capacity. 2 Treasure...

2.7K Downloads Updated Feb 11, 2012 Created Feb 11, 2012

Adds three more outcomes to Paarthurnax sidequest

4.7K Downloads Updated Feb 22, 2012 Created Feb 22, 2012

Drakehelm Manor & the Goonies-inspired grotto beneath won't yield their secrets to just anyone...

15.5K Downloads Created Dec 17, 2011

Maze of Trials

13.1K Downloads Created Jan 2, 2012

Honeyhill, Honeyside placed on Hillside.