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5.7K Downloads Updated Oct 26, 2016 Created Jul 3, 2016

One giant castle, one civilization on the outskirts of humanity, one giant map to explore...

7.6K Downloads Updated Apr 5, 2012 Created Apr 5, 2012

A Mansion near the end of SkyHaven Temple called "The Blade's Mansion"

4.4K Downloads Updated Jun 6, 2014 Created Jun 6, 2014

Adds a simple boat in the Solitude docks that can be used as a player...

8.5K Downloads Updated Dec 10, 2011 Created Dec 10, 2011

Breezehome completely redone

30.9K Downloads Updated Apr 2, 2012 Created Dec 22, 2011

With HASSLE-FREE storage and more!

5.6K Downloads Updated Nov 29, 2011 Created Nov 26, 2011

Expands on the College of Winterhold, making it more useful.

5.6K Downloads Updated Dec 11, 2011 Created Dec 11, 2011

Ads the Collector's Edition to Breezehome!

169K Downloads Updated Mar 15, 2012 Created Jan 12, 2012

Adds a Dungeon/Basement to every house in the game, includes everything you could ever need...

11.7K Downloads Updated Nov 21, 2011 Created Nov 21, 2011

Water texture on par with Crysis quality.

13.7K Downloads Updated Aug 19, 2013 Created Jul 7, 2012

Almost all lights now cast dynamic shadows and all shadow striping is fixed in all...

2.8K Downloads Updated Jul 10, 2016 Created Jun 9, 2016

A Hunter-Gatherer Retreat in the forests outside the Nightgate Inn near Windhelm

4.4K Downloads Created Apr 21, 2012

A large home for players seeking a worthy monument of their adventures.

34.5K Downloads Updated Jan 9, 2012 Created Jan 5, 2012

Adds a new room to Breezehome

3.4K Downloads Updated Dec 12, 2011 Created Dec 12, 2011

Added Smithing room to Honeyside.

34.2K Downloads Updated Feb 4, 2012 Created Jan 30, 2012

Adds new spells, ninja items, tools that give skill bonuses, and a dwemer rocket launcher.

16.2K Downloads Updated Feb 4, 2012 Created Jan 16, 2012

Adds Dwemer Schematics to build summonable dwemer automatons, and Shurikens!

26.2K Downloads Created Dec 31, 2011

Quest for a new home in the wilderness

3.9K Downloads Updated May 12, 2014 Created May 9, 2014

adds a basic house outside of Whiterun

13K Downloads Updated Jul 17, 2012 Created Jan 7, 2012

Playable BETA version of the Gokstad Ship

1.3K Downloads Updated Aug 23, 2016 Created Aug 23, 2016

Another level of player home immersion...