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74.9K Downloads Updated Nov 17, 2011 Created Nov 16, 2011

Mod changes camera controls in ingame world map view so it becomes possible to explore...

168K Downloads Updated Mar 15, 2012 Created Jan 12, 2012

Adds a Dungeon/Basement to every house in the game, includes everything you could ever need...

7.4K Downloads Updated Aug 14, 2016 Created Apr 15, 2016

This will improve your shadows, increase your frame rate, and remove shadow striping.

15.5K Downloads Updated Dec 8, 2011 Created Dec 8, 2011

Maxis -Savegame file

5.3K Downloads Updated Oct 26, 2016 Created Jul 3, 2016

One giant castle, one civilization on the outskirts of humanity, one giant map to explore...

11.4K Downloads Updated Nov 21, 2011 Created Nov 21, 2011

Water texture on par with Crysis quality.

23.6K Downloads Updated Feb 4, 2012 Created Jan 5, 2012

this mod adds a quest to obtain the Legendary sword Goldbrand, that has been in...

83.6K Downloads Created Dec 17, 2011

Skyrim Online turns your single experience into an online experience...

34.3K Downloads Updated Jan 9, 2012 Created Jan 5, 2012

Adds a new room to Breezehome

28.4K Downloads Updated Feb 6, 2012 Created Feb 6, 2012

A New Exterior Riverside Home

5.6K Downloads Updated Jan 31, 2012 Created Jan 31, 2012

Burkart an Alternative start to skyrim

27.3K Downloads Updated Feb 9, 2012 Created Jan 19, 2012

This mod adds 2 Satchels and 2 Knapsacks that increase your carry capacity. 2 Treasure...

56.4K Downloads Created Nov 15, 2011

Full Whiterun retexturing project to high-quality levels while keeping as close as possible to the...

2.3K Downloads Updated Apr 27, 2016 Created Apr 15, 2016

This will remove all shadows, increase your frame rate, and remove shadow striping.

2.6K Downloads Updated Jul 10, 2016 Created Jun 9, 2016

The Wanderer's Mansion, the hunter-gatherer passion, surrounded by white pastures, I live with 2, and...

4.7K Downloads Updated Feb 22, 2012 Created Feb 22, 2012

Drakehelm Manor & the Goonies-inspired grotto beneath won't yield their secrets to just anyone...

13.5K Downloads Updated Aug 19, 2013 Created Jul 7, 2012

Almost all lights now cast dynamic shadows and all shadow striping is fixed in all...

16K Downloads Updated Feb 4, 2012 Created Jan 16, 2012

Adds Dwemer Schematics to build summonable dwemer automatons, and Shurikens!

12.2K Downloads Updated Nov 23, 2011 Created Nov 23, 2011

Increases the duration of the candlelight spell to ten minutes, also increases the magicka cost.