- A ENB HD6 Cinematic Lighting Enhancement

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HD6 Additions and Tweaks to ENB v0102 - For Filmic Days and adjustable Darker Nights / Caves

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Included are a normal nights and darker nights variant, along with ability to alter how dark night / interiors are WHILE playing with a keypress (1 + pageup / pagedown). Along with various additions to enbeffect.fx such as color balance / brightness / contrast / saturation for day and night and the addition of an adjustable vignette to make it easier for you to tweak it just right for you.

Important change to skyrim.ini to work right: bFloatPointRenderTarget=1 - details below

Please check the comparison images here, you can easily navigate with cursor keys, and click 'Full Size' to see less jpeggy version:

Click to see Before & After Screenshots

Including obligatory man in underwear wielding sword


Beware most darker night mods entirely disable the moon light meaning no more cast shadows at night which IMO is an unacceptable loss and plunges everything into a dull flat ambiance. This does not do that.
And all other ENB mods right now break Khajiit night eye, this does not
Also all other ENB mods alter the color / gamma of textures, this is not inherently bad; it is different so they have a very different look than the normal skyrim, a bit more cartoony/colorful look which many like. This does not do that so brown hair doesn't go blonde like most ENB mods for one example.

Includes various additions and changes to EnbEffect.fx such as adding a customisable Vignette and numerous color controls explained further in the file and in included readme

Install it Manually, Copy Contents into your Skyrim folder, not your Data folder
Start the game with launcher on first run, because video options must be reconfigured.

If you have problems, disable crossfire, msi afterburner, precision or d3doverrider, disable anti aliasing / MSAA, disable SSAO / Ambient Occlusion in enbseries.ini

You need to set some skyrimprefs.ini :
Note for Ambient Occlusion and perhaps other things to look right you need to set
iMultiSample=1 (MSAA may duff up SSAO)
bFXAAEnabled=1 (If you want to get rid of jaggies)
sD3DDevice="ENB" (which should exist and already be set after using the Skyrim launcher once)
And while you are at it these are worth adding:

Note you can interchange the versions and edit the settings by just changing the enbseries.ini and enbeffect.fx file. While the game is still running, pop back in and see the change instantly. And you can toggle it off entirely with Shift-F12 to see the game before this was installed.

Performance is still being worked on by Boris

Your comments / suggestions are greatly appreciated, thanks!


This is all possible thanks to ENB created by Boris Vorontsov, thanks!
More information can be found here from the original by Boris:
Boris Vorontsov - Original Ultimate graphic enhancement
His Site: EnbDev.com



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