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This mod replaces the tint masks of the lips.
The originals were low resolution, blurred and suffered from compression artifacts.

These new tint maps are higher resolution and much less blurry.
It is recommended to use this in combination with "Detailed Faces".
Although it may work with any other skin mod as well, this has not been tested.

The following races, both genders, are affected:

Dark Elf
High Elf
Wood Elf


Use the Curse client to install the mod.

Manual installation:

Use 7zip or WinRar to extract the files.
Move the Data folder to your Skyrim folder.

You can find the Skyrim folder here: Steam\steamapps\common\skyrim

To those who are new to using Elder Scrolls mods:

- You do not have to extract the .bsa archives. The folder provided by
this mod has the same structure as the inside of the .bsa archive, it will
override the textures that are included in the .bsa file.
- Do not worry about the Data folder that already exists, the folder provided
by this mod will be merged with the existing folder, it will not be overwritten.


Use the Curse client to uninstall the mod.

Manual uninstallation:

Remove the following files:
Data\textures\actors\character\character assets\tintmasks\femaleheadbreton_lips.dds
Data\textures\actors\character\character assets\tintmasks\femaleheadhighelf_lips.dds
Data\textures\actors\character\character assets\tintmasks\femaleheadimperial_lips.dds
Data\textures\actors\character\character assets\tintmasks\femaleheadnord_lips.dds
Data\textures\actors\character\character assets\tintmasks\femaleheadredguard_lips.dds
Data\textures\actors\character\character assets\tintmasks\maleheadnord_lips.dds
Data\textures\actors\character\character assets\tintmasks\maleheadredguard_lips.dds


The following mods made by me are all compatible with each other:

Detailed Faces
Detailed Bodies
Detailed Lips
No More Blocky Faces
High Quality Eyes
Better Beast Races


[19-11-11] 1.0 Release
[09-12-11] 1.1 Update - Fixes shape of the lips
[11-12-11] 1.2 Update - Fixes shape, they were slightly too small


Thanks to Bethesda for creating Skyrim


- You may use the content for your own mods, permission from me is required.
- You may not redistribute this mod in any way or claim it as your own.

Permission will not be granted in the following cases:

- Usage of my content for a compilation

Please refrain from asking permission in these cases.
Negotiation is out of the question.