Cosmetic Vampire Overhaul will start downloading in 5 seconds...


Replaces Goblins in Skyrim with Vampires

Deformity to faces from vampire textures and morphs reverted. No more sunken face with line splitting it in half

All NPC this changes were individually edited by me for an alternate appearance

Vampires will have lighter skin, more variety in body size and no longer look like they slept in a pile of soot

There are 3 Variations of Main file A,B & C


For use with original DLC eyes


Replaces eyes with new Normal red and blue


Replaces eyes with new Glowing red and blue

 May be used with player vampire gameplay overhauls like Better Vampires as this does not edit your vampire player script or race


Version 15 is for use in Skyrim ( LE ) - Requires DLC Dawnguard
Version 16 is for use in Special Edition ( SE )


Fomod installer for use with mod manager. If installing manually extract zip and place BSA of choice and esp in data folder where game installed


Better Vampire Fangs and Eyes by Aipex8
For mouth TRI files

Fair Skin Complexion by HHaleyy
For the original vampire eye texture


You may not upload this to other sites, if I want it there ill put it there myself

You may host a patched esp to get CVO compatible with mods that alter vampires non-appearance stats such as AI/Combat/lvls/outfits/class etc


If you run into issues from incompatible changes made to your game from other mods or yourself please visit CVO at moddb. There is additional info listed there to help you troubleshoot and resolve both record and file conflicts