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66.1K Downloads Updated Jun 10, 2013 Created Dec 3, 2012

Custom race with custom textures, weapons and spells

8.7K Downloads Updated Jun 29, 2014 Created Aug 20, 2013

This modification contain 23 new enchantments.

5.6K Downloads Updated Jun 29, 2012 Created Feb 3, 2012

Take total immersive control of Skyrim with over 230 voice commands

15.5K Downloads Created Apr 13, 2012

The Dragon's Curse [Remaked] [BETA]

4K Downloads Updated Jun 9, 2016 Created Jun 9, 2016

Highly trained, extremely skilled, well suited for combat, armed, and dangerous. -Avoid traps -Undetectable

18.8K Downloads Updated Feb 9, 2012 Created Feb 9, 2012

Adds a cheat spell in Whiterun (on the ground) that can kill anything in one...

12.3K Downloads Updated Nov 23, 2011 Created Nov 23, 2011

Increases the duration of the candlelight spell to ten minutes, also increases the magicka cost.

3.1K Downloads Updated Dec 31, 2011 Created Dec 30, 2011

A growing mod compilation designed to balance and improve Skyrim!

4.7K Downloads Updated Sep 28, 2014 Created Sep 28, 2014

Old Annon

12.1K Downloads Updated Dec 1, 2011 Created Dec 1, 2011

Allows you to add a ring which grants you a Poison Cloak aura effect (the...

4.9K Downloads Updated Aug 29, 2016 Created Aug 25, 2016

A sword for the King Jah Akir of Ourorax, left to you by some unknown...

4.5K Downloads Updated Dec 29, 2012 Created Dec 29, 2012

The goal of this mod is to enhance the fun and usefulness of some of...

34.2K Downloads Updated Feb 4, 2012 Created Jan 30, 2012

Adds new spells, ninja items, tools that give skill bonuses, and a dwemer rocket launcher.

5.1K Downloads Updated Oct 24, 2012 Created Oct 24, 2012

In this mod it gives you various spells to summon your own miniature armies, giving...

7.9K Downloads Updated Nov 30, 2011 Created Nov 30, 2011

Changes ebony mail aura effect to one of 3 colors of your choice.

14K Downloads Updated Nov 23, 2011 Created Nov 23, 2011

Infinite Duration Night Eyes that can be toggled on and off.

8.3K Downloads Updated Dec 19, 2011 Created Dec 19, 2011

Unlimited player-placed runes.

2.7K Downloads Updated Nov 26, 2011 Created Nov 26, 2011

Removes smoke trails from Ebony Armor

13.1K Downloads Updated Nov 23, 2011 Created Nov 23, 2011

Infinite Duration version of Vampire Sight, can be toggled on and off.