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Viking ships for world deco

This is a double premiere - for the first items converted from Crusader Kings III for Sims 4 and also for Deco Objects for your world - Hood Deco Objects. About Crusader Kings III (CK3) - it is a strategy game from Paradox, set in medieval times (more precise 1066-1452) and it scopes a wide range of the cultures of the time. In the game you conquer land and build blood lines. The game is played on a map but there is no building or live simming - so in this way, Sims 4 can fill that void.

You can place Hood Deco Objects with the help of T.O.O.L by @twistedmexi - be sure to read the instructions for the mod if you are not already familiar. Same creator is also working on the much-anticipated CAW - Create-A-World-mod - currently still in alpha development.


Note: these are NEW world deco objects, but that category was missing, so I had to label them as default replacements. 


Now, about these ships.


There are two ships - the Knarr and the Longship. The Knarr (also means "creak" in Swedish :) ) is the smaller one, a Norse merchant ship. The bigger Longship is a war ship.

The Knarr is a converted mesh/texture from Paradox. The Longship comes from the CK3 mod Community Flavor Pack, by El Tyranos. There are two versions of the ships - a sailing one and a portside one, with sails tucked away and the shields used elsewhere. NOTE: they are debug world objects, so activate debug items in build mode. Search for CK3 to find them.

Port version

The Knarr and the Longship resting at Windenburg Island

Ships at Windenburg Island