Cassandra Goth CC

Townie Makeover


Aspiration : Musical Genius 

Traits : Creative, Gloomy


Tested in game

Base Game

All Outfits done for every category

CC Required : 

Skin, Eyebrows & Eyes : Sims3Melancholic Faye Skin Werewolf Patch Updated + Eyebrows #9 + Contacts #66

Eyelashes : Kijiko Remove EA Eyelashes + Version 2 Skin Detail

Hair : Jino Hair Chloe

Nails : EunoSims Nail Set 

Makeup : SakuraLunari Autumn Love Eyeshadow + Rose Lipstick + Soft Rose Blush + Style Eyeliner + First Eyeliner + First Love Eyeshadow + Lavender Haze Eyeshadow + Luna Lipstick + Pencil Eyeliner + Primrose Lipstick + Spring Blush + Fifteen Eyeshadow + Sunset Eyeshadow

Jewellery : Rimings Butterfly Jewel Earrings 

Clothing : BackTrack Oversized Heathered Sweatshirt Belaoallure Bianca Sport Tights EunoSims Knit Top GorillaGorillaGorilla Antique Button Dress + Belted Jeans AF + Bustier Dress & Turtleneck Rimings Deep V Monokini Remake Ver + Goodbye 2022 Ribbon Ruffle Dress + LV SS Cashmere Short Sleeved Dress + Summer Pajama Bear Two Piece 

Shoes : Sunberry Prd Brushed Leather Pumps 

Cnel Low Boots

Geek Chic Ballerina Ribon Loafer

Logo Denim Shoes

BackTrack Leather Boots

Heathenthirteeen Women's Gradient Rotary Buckle Lightweight Sneakers 

Download, unzip files, go into your tray folder. CC goes into your mods folder. 

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CAS Background : SakuraLunari Cherry Blossom CAS Background

Lighting Mods + Stand Still in CAS : NorthernSiberiaWinds Gentle CAS Lighting + Even Better In Game Lighting  +  Controlled Position V2

Updated, 14/07/2024 - Traits & Aspiration now fully base game. All CC is base game and sim has been tested in game. 

Added in game & full cas pics

Added all available CurseForge CC to Relations