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all together now will start downloading in 5 seconds...


the first version of my savefile is here!! ✨


i have all of willow creek completed. i have a total of 7 community lots, 7 new families, 2 community favorite families, and 1 "throwback" family! each family has relationships, careers, and skills that will hopefully make you feel like you are playing in a fleshed out world.


community lots provided:

  • crawdad community library
  • dalia's kitchen (with a thrift store next door and basketball court out back)
  • common grounds cafe (lot also contains a record store, business office, and the local news station WCCN)
  • crawdad shopping center which is a generic community lot that contains: a hair salon, gym, bookstore, boba shop, bakery, laundromat, selvadorada cafe, community garden, and Keyana's flower shop
  • oakenstead cathedral (wedding venue)
  • courtyard community pool
  • little tykes kidspace
  • and of course magnolia blossom park


families of willow creek:

  • goth
  • pancakes
  • rhoads
  • williams
  • nassar
  • london
  • sakura
  • velazquez
  • jefferson and han
  • alto


** this is my first ever time making a savefile, please let me know if you run into any issues or general weirdness. my goal is to make a savefile that feels connected and detailed, while also still being able to run on most people's computers. i really hope you enjoy what i have been able to do so far! **