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ZT & KTA Canfranc Estacion Hotel

Canfranc Estacion Hotel


Collaboration between zerotwentysims and kta : Canfranc Hotel. More info on this collaboration can be found here. Fully furnished community lot.


- Full CC list can be found here


- Ground floor : Lobby, toilets, bar and cocktail bar.
- B1 : Spa/pool, ballroom and toilets
- B2 : Restaurant, chef's kitchen, toilets and meeting room
- F1 : 5 hotel rooms
- F2 : 3 hotel rooms, staff quarters
- Garden : fully landscaped
- Lot size 64x64. Designed for the “Dresden House” lot (Fyres Household) in Windenburg. This lot also looks very good on the “Center Park” lot in San Myshuno.
- Lot type : Generic. Works also as a Bar, Center Park (San Myshuno lot type), Gym, Karaoke Bar, Lounge, Museum, National Park, Night Club, Pool, Residential, Restaurant, Spa and Wedding Venue. All requirements for these lot types have been met.
- Important: have the “bb.moveobjects on” cheat enabled before placing this lot.
- Do not claim this build as your own and/or upload this build elswhere.