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Lot Information :

Size : 40x30 / Lot Type : Generic / Price : 716 732

In game I placed in San Myshuno on the Torendi Tower Penthouse (Fashion District)

Packs needed : City Living, Dine Out (I filled a kitchen if you want to use for gameplay), Spa Day (for a few mirrors), Get Famous, Discover University (I think it was only for the mailbox).

  • The lot was created mainly to take pictures but it is possible to use for gameplay as a wedding venue or restaurant, just change the lot type and don’t download the clutter items (and add what is required for restaurant).
  • In the list you will find the exact items needed for the build, I have precised which one you need if it’s in a set, so you don’t have to add the whole set if you don’t want to. 


CC List 

Syboubou - Aquarium Aquarium Built In Full Wall
Syboubou - Aurore Medium Long Windows 1x1 and 2x1
Syboubou - Delphine Sink and Toilet
Syboubou - Elevare Minimalist Glass Fence and Raw Edge Modern Stairs
Syboubou - Haussmann Double and Single Doors Medium
Syboubou - Imperium Concrete Platform and Spandrel
Syboubou - Ohlala Stool, Shelves, Floor Light, Bar, Chandelier, Room Divider and Semicircle Panel
Syboubou - Paradis Iron Oval Railing
Syboubou - Pour Toujours Petals, Microphone, Round Table, Torch, Wedding Topper
Syboubou - Rideaux Drapes Velvet Left and Right Medium, Straight Velvet Medium and Centered Tied Velvet Medium
Syboubou - Secare Classic Dome, Rose Skylight and Panelled Glazed Industrial Arch
Syboubou - Shopping Changing room open and closed, clothing rack, display large seat, display small, jewelry display, jewelry display bust, mannequin, mirror, retail counter, shoebox open, sofa
Syboubou - Tiphaine Lantern

Severinka - Alisa Desk Chair - Sandra Ceiling Lamp

PixelPlayground - Ostrich Feather Stand Short

PralineSims - Marble Tiles

Kerrigan House - Hurricane Candles

JomSims - The Wedding Cake Set 2 Cake 1 & 2 Pastel Colors

Aggressive Kitty - Wedding Sign and Wedding Sign Small

Asteria Sims - Piano Steinway and sons

KM Creations - Balloons Tower

Simenapule - Concrete Tiles

Strange Story Teller - Macaron Stand

AmoeBae - Solid All Square Panel Walls

Space Sims - Aphrodite Wedding Chair

Felixandre - Corinthian Columns 4m

MsTeaQueen - Luna Rose Bushes

Deco Clutter (don’t download these if you want the lot for gameplay) :

Syboubou - New Year Champagne Bucket, Flute and Confettis

Wondymoon - Iron Place Setting

Skeamor - Mini Champagne With A Straw

Natalia Auditore - Champagne Bottle

Kerrigan House - Midinvaerne Plates

Optional Deco Sims :

Royal Norman - Ceilist and Pianist Deco Sims

Devyn Sims Chronicles - Flawless Function Sims V1 and V2 Merged