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Modern Suburban Bungalow Living and Dining Areas. Open Plan. Undecorated Walls are meant to be deleted. Purely there to seperate spaces for uploading.

Happy Simming xx

Base Game + CC

Thanks to CC creators:

  • Peacemaker_ic
  • House of Harlix
  • Little Dica
  • Pierisim


You may notice a change in the way you can download this content. Required CC will be automatically downloaded with install (If not using Curseforge desktop app see note *) This will make downloading my content less time consuming, I hope. 😊

There will be no longer a list of links you must download unless the CC is not available on curseforge. In this case there will be an external link.

*If you are not using curseforge desktop app you will need to click the relations tab and download all required dependencies. You can filter what dependencies are essential on the right-hand side.

You will also need to extract and drag the 4 files in the zip folder into your tray folder. Located in the same place as your mods folder just labelled 'Tray'

New to Downloading Rooms or Lots? You can find rooms and lots you download in the gallery in-game. Click on your library and make sure you have the Custom Content check box ticked. Also make sure you have the bb.moveobjects cheat enabled. This will make sure everything is placed correctly.

Disclosure: Some colours may appear slightly different as I use shaders in game.