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💧 Drop drills the rock 💧

Dripping water hollows out stone, not through force but through persistence.” ~ Ovid


🍂 An ideal, modern house for a large sim-family, includes 4 bedrooms and a large kitchen.
Surrounding the house is a large farm garden. 🍂


📍 Lot size: 40x30
📍 Lot value: $129 784
📍 Lot type: Residential

📍 Does not contain CC



⭐️ More of my creations: The Sims Resource

⭐️ Visit me: INSTAGRAM 




⚠️ make sure your game is fully updated
⚠️ do not reupload, do not claim as your own
⚠️ enter the code - bb.moveobjects on - before placing your home in the world.