I renovated 121 Hakim House into an open-plan kitchen and living, an office and a spacious bedroom with ensuite.


Special thank you to all the wonderful creators whose cc I used! All cc items needed for this build are listed below. 

Awingedllama |  Boho Living, Liberated Eco Plants, Nostalgia

Charly Pancakes | Chalk pt3, Slouch,  The Lighthouse Collection

Clutter Cat |  Sunny Sundae

Felixandre | Chateau 3, Chateau 4, Grove 3, Grove 4,  Shop the Look, Shop the Look 2

HeyHarrie | Brownstone, Brutalist,  Coastal pt8, Kwatei_Part_1, Octave 1, Octave 2, Octave 3, Octave 4, Shop the Look, Shop the Look 2, Spoons 3

House of Harlix | Bafroom, Baysic, Baysic Bathroom Harluxe, Livin Rum, Orjanic2

Joyceisfox | Simple Live Bathroom, Simple Live Plants, Summer Garden Tiles Pack, Summer Garden

Little Dica |  Delicato Lounge, Sleek Slumber

MadameRia | Basic Luxe Kitchen 

Max20 | Bathroom Pack

Myshunosun | Daria Bedroom, Lottie Bedroom, Luna Bedroom, Nora Living, Sona Dining

Peacemaker | Bowed Living, Elsie Bedroom, Hudson Bathroom, Kitayama Bedroom

Pierisim |  Domaine Du Clos 2,  MCM Part 2, MCM Part 3, MCM Part 4, Oak House 1, The Office, Unfold, Winter Garden 1, Winter Garden 2

QICC | Evergreen Balcony, Sleek Hallway

S-Imagination | Japandi Tableware,  Nota Living Room

SimPlistic |  RH Rugs 3

Sooky | Jube Lighting, Mixed Modern Square Rugs,  Prints Abstract,  Prints Linear, Prints Neon, Prints Tropics, Rifle Paper Rugs

SYB | Contemporary Haven,  Nothing to wear, Traveler

Tuds | Cave



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