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If you're on the hunt for a beautiful apartment, look no more! This is a small family (1 child + 2 adults) apartment, with classy panelled walls and intricate details. It features 02 bedrooms, 01 bath, open plan design and a nice balcony area. All the CC used is free (I believe, and if not, it's all early access, so it should be free very soon) and can be found here on the platform. If you happen to use or change this build in any form, feel free to tag me on tumblr (@ladydragon-bug); I'd love to see it. Hope you enjoy it and have fun! 


I'll try to link everything down, but if something is missing feel free to let me know and I'll my best to help.


Packs used: City living + Growing together + High School Years + Bathroom clutter kit + Country living + Snowy scape + Seasons + Little campers kit + Parenthood

The build is cc based, the only necessary pack is City living for the apartment, the rest is mostly just decor items. 


reshade: moonflower by @sojuteatime


List of creators and sets used:

Harrie: Kwatei pt. 2 + Shop the look 2 + Octave pt. 3 & 4 + Brutalist + Brownstone pt. 1 & 3 + Country pt. 3 + Porto + Heritage pt.2

Felixandre: Chateau pt. 2 (early access) + Fayun pt. 1 + Grove pt. 1 & 2 + Berlin pt. 1, 2 & 3 + Paris 2 & 3 + Florence pt. 1, 3 & 4 + Shop the look pt. 1 + Colonial pt. 2

House of Harlix: Baysic bathroom + Baysic + Harluxe + Orjanic pt. 2 + Livin'rum + The Kichen + Bafroom + Tiny Twavellers + Jardane

Pierisim: Auntie's Vera bathroom + MCM House bath