Here are the tray files for this lot (see attached)
PLEASE read the notes on how to change the windows!
- Lot info:
Apartment (saved as one room)
Barbie's Cloud Suite (previously 122 Hakim House)
San Myshuno
- For this build you'll need the following cc:
A Winged Llama  Apartment Therapy, Blooming rooms, boho living
Charly Pancakes lavish, miscellanea, modish, selection one, smol, the lighthouse, chalk 2, precious promises
Felixandre dec 2017, sep 2017, jan 2018, shop the look, berlin, Florence, grove, Kyoto, colonial, Paris 1+3, Fayun, Georgian, chateau
Felixandre and Harrie Collabs Bafroom, Baysic, baysic bathroom, Harluxe, Jardane, Kichen, livin rum, Orjanic 2, tiny twavellers
Harrie coastal 3+4, Brownstone, Brutalist bathroom, kwatei 2, Octave 1+3, Shop the look.
Kiwisim Tui living + dining + rumpus
Little Dica  delicato, sweet treats, rise & grind
My Cup of CC Avant Basic lounge, The modernist living and dining, faux fireplace
//www.patreon.com/pierisim/posts?filters" rel="noopener nofollow" target="_blank">https://www.patreon.com/pierisim/posts?filters[tag]=download">Pierisim auntie vera, coldbrew 2+3, david apartment 1+3, domaine du clos 2+3+4, MCM, livingroom mini kit, oak house, teeny weeny, winter garden 1
The Clutter Cat babyboo 1, dandy bathroom, dandy diary, kawaii kidz, 222, busybee, catmilk 1 +2 reloaded, cozy cosita, winterfest wonders, xfest 22
Townie Architect Moderno
Tuds wave 2, Beam, crib, ema, ind 2+3, mirr, shkr
~ NON-ESSENTIAL CC (I only used a few pieces, so you can skip these if you want to)
Greenllamas Kerv (mirror)
Leaf Motif Aubrey office, botanic boudoir, sunny corner, twee tableware, vintage crockery, patron gifts all
Nynaeve Design  Lara Laurel Stems V1 + Vase, Lara Laurel Stems V2 + Vase, Nelle Mango Plant V1, Zion Flower Branches V2 + Vase, Zion Flower Branches V3 + Vase
S-imagination Nota, rutland kitchen
- Sometimes It's better to Google search a set instead of looking through the creator's Patreon/Tumblr/website/etc.
- If you don't find something on Patreon, check the creator's Tumblr/website/etc.
- If you want to delete walls/change wallpaper, then you need the Better Build Buy mod from TwistedMexi so that random items won't get deleted. Turn on "Deletion Protection" in your filters, then turn it off again after you're done!!
- When I mention a set's name but don't specify which part (example: Paris), download all the parts. In case of an apartment, exclude the exterior sets.
1. unzip the folder
2. place the contents inside Documents\Electronic Arts\The Sims 4\Tray. The path might be different on your pc.
3. once you're in the game look up the room name in your library. Make sure to have the include custom content option on!
4. If you want to change the windows and main door like I did, you need the TOOL mod by TwistedMexi, here's a tutorial if you need one.
5. After placing, you'll notice that the pool is missing. You'll have to place it yourself.
Bella <3