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Hello! This time I bring you a cafe + bookstore/library with an upstairs apartment in the world of Britechester. I imagined it to be a trendy new cafe and a traditional bookstore making it a hangout spot for college students. The upstairs apartment I made it to fit a sim that's almost done with their studies and not quite sure if they should stay in Britechester or move to a bigger city. Hope you enjoy it.


Packs used: Discover University, Jungle adventures, Get together, Snowy escape, Seasons, Cats and dogs, Cottage living


The hilighted ones are necessary for gameplay.


Remember to active bb.moveobjects before placing the build.


CC List:


reshade for the screenshots: dove by kindle-spice


Harrie: Coastal pt. 2 (just the gate) + Octave pt. 2 (herinbone floor) + Brutalist bathroom (wallpaper) + Brownstone pt. 1 + Country pt. 2 & 3 + Shop the look pt. 1 (sculpture) + Porto + Spoons pt. 2


Felixandre: Paris pt. 1, 2 & 3 + Grove pt. 1, 2 & 4 + Shop the look pt. 1 + Berlin pt. 1 & 2 + Chateau pt. 1 + London interior + London exterior (front door) + Colonial pt. 2 (round table) + Gothic revival (paintings)


House of Harlix: Baysic bathroom + Baysic (sofas) + Orjánic pt. 2 + Livin'rum + The Kichen


Pierisim: Davids apartment pt. 1 (books) + Domaine du Clos pt. 3 + MCM House pt. 2 (rug)