What is a Venue List?
A Venue List is a file that contains information for every region (or world) in the game, such as what kind of lot types should be available to place there. Due to the way the game is coded, it’s unfortunately not possible to add to these lists with a script file. Using a modded Venue List such as this one is necessary in order to enable custom lot types created by mod authors.

Can I Have Several Venue Lists?
No, you cannot have more than one Venue List in your Mods folder at any given time. Due to the aforementioned issue about not being able to add venues into this file format by script, there can only be one.

You can in theory have several but your game will only read one of them, so if it reads an outdated Venue List first your game might not show all venues correctly, be it custom venues made by various Mod Authors or new venues provided from new game packs.

Which Custom Venues are Included In This List?
As far as I know, all of them. That includes LittleMsSam’s venues, Zerbu’s venues, my own venues and AEP. In fact, if you find that you are missing a custom venue by any Mod Author when using this (and only this) Venue List, let me know about it on my Discord server, and I’ll add it right away.


The great thing about these lists is that if they include a custom Venue that you have in fact not installed in your Mods folder, it simply won’t show up in any region, nor will it throw an error or cause any issues with your game.


The main reason I wanted to make this universal Venue List is for your convenience. I will do my utmost to always keep this up to date for new game packs and new custom venues from other Mod Authors.

I Have a Custom Venue That is not Included In This List!
Please get in touch with me or any of the support team on the Basemental Mods Discord Server with the venue ID and I will add it straight away.