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A savory dish made by stuffing a hollowed-out bell pepper with spaghetti. The dish has a satisfyingly complex taste, with the sweetness of the bell pepper balancing out the savory flavors of the spaghetti and other ingredients. These bell peppers have been expertly carved into ghost faces, providing a little bit of spooky fun for your sims!

This recipe may use both EA ingredients and my custom ingredients. If you don't have the listed ingredients installed, they will be excluded from the recipe.

If you'd like to make this recipe your sim will need the Homestyle Cooking Skill.

More information on compatibility and requirements below.

Homestyle Level 5


Main Dish


Ingredients (Optional) 

  • Yellow Bell Pepper
  • Any Pasta Sauce
  • Spinach
  • Spaghetti Sauce

 * = EA ingredient type

⏰ = If used, this ingredient will reduce the cooking time 

Compatibility & Functionality 

🪷Simple Living Compatible

🪷Power Required 



How do I install this?

If using the Curseforge app, all you have to do is click the orange install button and you’re ready to play! If you aren’t in the app, you’ll need to go through the relations tab and  download the files that show as dependencies in the dropdown box; these are what’s going to allow my mod to function in your game.

Do NOT put any ts4script files more than one folder deep.


Will this work with other mods?

Most of mods are new or injected content and should not conflict with other creator’s mods. If there are any resources that could potentially conflict, they are listed in the 'File Info' section of the Pages tab.


I'm having issues with this content, what should I do? 

Check out the information HERE.

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