Set Vampire Offspring

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This mod requires XML Injector.

The relationship bits between Vampires when one of them turns another are brimming with potential both in storytelling and gameplay, but premade Vampires, as well as Vampires created in CAS, will not have the appropriate Vampire Master or Offspring relation.

Whether it be to fit with the lore or for the purpose of setting up complex premade or custom Vampire relations, this mod enables you to turn any Sim without a Vampire Master into your Sim's Offspring. The chosen Sim will then recognize the active Sim as their Vampire Master in return.

How to use this?

To use the relevant interaction, simply make sure your active Sim is the one you wish to be recognized as Vampire Master, then shift+click your intended Offspring. Within the Cheat Sim Info menu, you will find the new Set as Active Sim's Vampire Offspring interaction.

For storytelling purposes, the interaction is not restricted to Vampires. 


This mod requires the Vampires Game Pack.

Credits: Sims4Studio and Lot51's TDESC BROWSER for making the creation of this mod possible

This mod was made with Vampiric Bloodlines in mind so that users with many pre-existing Vampires may have an easier time setting up those pre-existing Vampires, but can serve any purpose in which you may need the relationship bits to be applied to Sims.